Friday, October 15, 2010

Medical Documentation, Billing and Coding

Medical documentation, billing and coding requires knowledge of complex, changing rules. Thank goodness for medical documentation, billing and coding experts who can be so darn helpful!

Thank goodness, too, for point of care tools that make medical documentation and coding much easier to understand and implement, and save time and money!

A couple of these tools deserve mentioning again.

E/M Code Check is such an exciting smartphone application! It has a concise, easy to follow format. Each page is really information packed, and the buttons to transition to the next page are very easy to use, unlike some other smartphone apps.

E/M Code Check incorporates great graphics, providing a great deal of information (pictures are worth a thousand words!) on personal documentation and coding habits. The feedback this tool provides is terrific, and it will help most anyone to learn where they need to improve.

Like some other companies, E/M Code Check provides a free version, making money by inserting ads, but the $34.99 version is worth every cent!

E/M Code Check provides Medicare reimbursement rates (based on national averages), tallies them based on the encounter types entered, and graphs personal coding distribution levels!

E/M Code Check also reinforces the use of MedicalTemplates for documentation of patient encounters. MedicalTemplates are terrific tools for prompting health care providers to document a complete history and physical exam. Sometimes the situation or conversations in patient encounters can derail a train of thought. Who hasn't had to return to a patient room to ask about some missing piece of the social history? With MedicalTemplates a physician can be confident that they are consistently documenting a thorough patient encounter note. Best of all, thorough documentation using MedicalTemplates saves time. Most aspects of the patient encounter can be documented with a simple check mark, but there is ample space to write personal notes.

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